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Australian Made Timber Crafted Lures

Ray Broughton the original designer and manufacturer of RTB Legend Lures. The RTB Legends that Ray made were famous for catching Murray Cod on Lake Mulwala and were popular with professional and recreational fishermen alike. "I have begun making my new range of lures which are all timber crafted in Queensland."

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Ray Broughton is the original designer and manufacturer of RTB Legend Lures. The RTB Legends were famous for catching Murray Cod on Lake Mulwala and were popular with professional and recreational fishermen alike. Ray has begun making a new range of lures which are timber crafted in Queensland. Back in 1991 while Ray was proprietor of the Mulwala Shoreline Caravan Park he "starred" in his video "Catching a Legend" after this he started desiigning and making Legend Lures.  

In 1992 he started manufacturing Legend Lures on a large scale. These lures targeted freshwater and saltwater species alike - the popularity of the R.T.B Legend Lure was the stuff of legends. 

Ray stopped large scale manufacturing in the mid 90's due to the economy at the time, people stopped purchasing high end - lures. He however continued to make lures for his own fishing activities.

In 2020 Ray has rediscovered his passion for designing and making lures. He has started crafting timber lures that are attractive to look at, swim perfectly and most importantly attract and catch a large variety of fish. 

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Shimmey Range

The Shimmey Range has 13 different styles check out the range on the Products Page.

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RTB Mover Range

The RTB Mover Range has 9 different styles. Check out the range on the products page.

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Why choose a timber lure?

Lures were traditionally made either with timber or metal. Then over time came in the mass produced plastic lures. 

Timber lures work so much better than plastic as no single two pieces of timber are the same. When using lures its about attracting the fish to strike. With timber lures one's action may not attract a fish however the next lure will move slightly differently, float a little more or less and this attracts fish.

RTBroughton Lures are all Timber Crafted in Ray's workshop in Bargara, Queensland. Ray's passion and experience in making lures that attract fish is a skill honed in over 40 years of lure making. 

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Ray hard at work in his workshop painting lures. All lures are made in Bargara Queensland.

Each lure is hand painted. Decades of knowledge and testing what does and does not work goes into deciding colors however lures can be custom painted. Every single lure that Ray makes is unique and no two lures will be the same.

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Old lure makers are coming out of the woodwork (pun intended). Latest blast from the past is Ray Broughton. I'm sure lots of you will remember RTB Legend Lures. Ray's a terrific bloke and a very talented lure designer/crafter. He's easing back into it.... and he's working in wood! Gotta love that! I'll show you a few of his creations in coming days. Meanwhile, be sure to "like" his Facebook page.

Steve Starling

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Steve Starling's review of the Shimmey Lure.

Steve Starling

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Catching a Legend - Video

When Ray was the Propriator of the Mulwala Shorline Caravan Park I created this video with experienced fishermen Bill Classon and Fred Jobson. Fishing has been Ray's passion since his Dad, Ron taught him how to fish when he was a young fella.

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Bargara, Queensland, Australia

Ray loves to chat to people who want to talk about lures please call him if you wish to discuss his range on 0402476460

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